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and the thoughts of those with whom we desire
understanding, to the complete sterilisation and
defeat of every reconstructive effort.

We want to talk and tell exactly what our ideas
and feelings are, not only to our fellow citizens,
but to our allies, to neutrals and, above all, to
the people who are marshalled in arms against
us. We want to get the same sincerity from them.
Because until we have worked out a common
basis of icteas with them, peace will B

uncertain equilibrium while fresh antagonisms
- Concurrently with this war we need a great debate,
We want every possible person in the world to
take part in that debate. It is something much
more important than the actual warfare. It is
intolerable to think of this storm of universal
distress leading up to nothing but some " con-
ference " of diplomatists out of touch with the
world, with secret sessions, ambiguous " under-
standings." . . . Not twice surely can that
occur. And yet what is going to prevent its
recurring ?
It is quite easy to define the reasonable limits
of censorship in a belligerent country. It is
manifest that the publication of any information
likely to be of the slightest use to an enemy must
be drastically anticipated and suppressed ; not